Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nothing Yet...

... but still some good news: we were told that our medical forms expire in two months, meaning we had to get the dossier to the embassy in ONE month, so it would have another month to sit there before going to Rwanda.  Actually, I learned today (thank you Sarah!) that our agency builds in an extra month for that.  The documents actually are good for THREE months total.  The agency wants them turned in in TWO months so that the extra month is there for the time they're at the embassy.

Clear as mud?  Good.

So we have longer than we thought!  But we sure HOPE and PRAY it doesn't take that long.  We'd still love to have our I-171H this week.  But thank You Lord for answering our prayer in a little different way.

And thank you all for praying.  Keep up the good work! :)


Nona said...

Glad to hear this! Still praying for the form to come soon!!

Lindy said...

Still praying!! Hopefully it'll come SOON!! :)