Thursday, September 02, 2010

The Funnies

Cory, this morning: I feel drowsy. Why does drowsy mean sleepy?

Some older funnies: When Grammy and Papa were visiting a while ago, I overheard the following discussion about a mouse Grammy found in her classroom at school. I typed it down as they were saying it.

Iain: Why was the mouse at school?
Grammy: He wanted to eat the food. So I called someone to get rid of them.
Iain: You could shoot them.
Grammy: We can’t bring a gun to school. There are no guns allowed at school.
Cory: Why?
Grammy: Because you couldn’t bring a gun around all those children! Then who could get hurt?
Cory: THE MICE!!
Grammy: No, we can’t bring any guns to school. No one can.
Cory: What about the mice?

Grammy: Sometimes mice get in the drawers and they go potty in there, and it's gross.
Cory: Why don't they run to the potty?

Iain: That cookie is so good I can barely stand it!

Iain: Butter pecan is Grammy's favorite ice cream. It's my favorite ice cream too. It's not too hot and not too cold. It's just right. You have to marry someone who loves the same kind of ice cream as you.
Me: What if you want to marry someone who doesn't like the same kind?
Iain: Then I would say, "I won't marry you. I will marry Grammy because she likes butter pecan."
Me: But she is already married to Papa.
Iain: Then I will un-marry her to Papa and marry her to me.
Me: But God says you should only be married to one person.
Iain: Well, if I was God, or Jesus, or the Holy Spirit, that's not how I would do it. I would say you can un-marry someone if they like the same ice cream as you.

Cory: I dreamed a kitchen window was smashing, and there was banana bread and there were bunnies, so I put the bunnies in a cage and I ate the banana bread.

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