Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Summer Funnies

Today is the last day of summer! Just thought you should know. And these boys crack me up. Thought you should know that, too.

Jeremy: Look out the window at that moose, boys!
Iain: Where are the people worshipping it?
Me: What do you mean?
Iain: Are they inside that restaurant?
Me: Iain, it's just a statue of a moose.
Iain: Oh. I thought it was an idol.

Cory, writing on paper: This says, "I'll love you forever." (hands card to Iain)
Iain: You'll love me forever?
Cory: That's what it says!

Iain: These cards tell what I will do with my whole life.
Me: What do they say?
Iain: I don't know.

(He drew the face on the magnadoodle, and then made the same face himself)

Iain spent a good deal of one bath time "baptizing" his ducks. We heard him in there, saying, "I baptize you in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit." Sometimes it was, "the God and the Son and the Holy Spirit." He told Cory that they would baptize the mama duck first because she loved Jesus the most. Then when I was getting him ready for bed that night...
Iain: I don't love Jesus anymore.
Me: Why not?
Iain: I will love Him when I am ten.
Me: Is it because you don't want to get baptized?
Iain: Yes. I don't want to go under water.
Me: That's okay. You can still love Jesus and get baptized when you are older.
Iain, relieved: Okay.

Last night, Cory told me after he was in bed that he was hungry. So we snuck out for a midnight snack. And Cory was in a silly mood:

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