Friday, September 17, 2010

'Tis the Season

(Our family at my cousin Jessica's wedding in Tennessee at the beginning of the month)

If you have read any of my posts about adoption, if you have known anyone who has adopted, or if you have or are adopting yourself, you know one thing: waiting is hard. It's really, really hard. But when I read this post, it really started me thinking about how I can embrace this time of life, this in-between time of waiting for our daughter. (Read the post I linked to. It's really good.)

I have been adamant throughout this time of adoption that I would not wish the days away. Although I can't wait until I hold my baby girl in my arms, I will not be so caught up in wishing for that day to come that I miss out my boys' childhood. They're so young and they change so much in these years, and I will not miss that by wanting the days to pass faster. This is their childhood and I want to be fully present for it.

That said, when I read that post, it got me thinking more about not just living this time of life, but really embracing it. Cory, despite my best efforts to keep him so, is really no longer a baby. He is completely potty-trained now (even at night!), he is doing more on his own than ever, and both he and Iain are just growing in independence by leaps and bounds. I am in an unusual position of knowing a baby is on the way without physically feeling it. I know I'm not done with babies yet, so I don't have to feel melancholy that I'm done with sweet-smelling heads, tiny clothes, little laughs and cries. It's the best of both worlds, really: knowing there is more baby-loving to come and enjoying the freedom that comes with slightly-older kids. I need to intentionally make the most of this time, doing things (with the boys and apart from them) that we won't be able to do for a while when the baby gets here.

Things like:
--going to the kids' museum in SC, and other day trips
--letting them play with toys that have tiny parts, and leaving them out
--skipping naptime sometimes in favor of something more fun
--going camping
--working on more complicated art projects with the boys
--doing more at church than we'll be able to commit to later
--writing a lot
--sleeping through the night (this is a very new one for us!)
--being flexible with our schedule
--going out on dates alone

--um... trying hard to think of things here. Help me out and add a couple in the comments, will you?


Lindy said...

Are you talking about the museum in Greenville, cause it was AMAZING! Your boys would LOVE it!! (We took Addie not too long ago) AND you need to add a trip to BHam to your list, and the BHam kids museum which I will be taking my cute nephews to. :)

Nona said...

Want a date night on your anniversary? I'll be in town to keep the boys, and I'll treat!

Teresa Dawn said...

I need to read it, waiting IS hard. God promised to help me adopt children, but I can't seem to save up the adoption fees. I'll be a single parent (adopting alone)... and I feel like nothings even getting started. But He doesn't break His promises so I know it will happen and when it does he'll have the perfect child for me... I try to not worry about it or think about it too much in the meantime and just enjoy where I am... but it's sooooo hard!!!! I feel like a mother without children.