Thursday, September 16, 2010

Iain's Last Day as a Three

A blog by Iain: all words are his own.

That one, I'm holding the Thomas. The Thomas wants to go home. I found him up in the play place. I thought, "I never found a Thomas." Then I snatched him away from the play place and then goed down the slide.

That picture is where Isaiah is laughing because Iain maked Isaiah laugh:

That picture is what Cory is doing. He is almost down the slide. It's Chick-fil-a.

That picture is Cory going to tickle Isaiah. He looks happy!

I'm on my way to go down the slide. I was making the face because I wanted to make Isaiah laugh.

I'm down the slide and I want to tickle Isaiah. I have Thomas in my hand. I do have Thomas in my hand! I was making that face because I wanted to make Isaiah silly.

Cory's going to tickle himself. He wants my Thomas, but I said, "no." (Cory adds: "I tried to find a Thomas, but I couldn't.")

I am pretending I'm a dinosaur!

Isaiah's laughing at Cor. He's laughing at him, but he's not looking at him. And nothing else.

That one, Isaiah's dancing with Aunt Jenna. Funny.

Now Cory is hubbled up in the slide. (Cory adds: "I was stweamin' because I knowed Iain was comin' down.") (stweamin' = screaming)
That day was good. I got balloons at the end. And I played with my new Thomas.


Nona said...

Hurray for you, Iain! You are good at writing a blog :)

Shannon said...

Allie, have you kept up with Teach You Child to Read in 100 Easy Lesson? (Otherwise known as the the "longest title in history" book?! ;) Caiden's just over 2 weeks into it and already she is reading Bob Books! This is just too much fun!!

Happy birthday Iain! We miss you!
Love, Shae

Christopher Ryan said...

Loved this one! He looks even biger than he did when we were there, and we just saw you guys. Crazy how quickly they go from babies to toddlers to little kids! Good job, Iain on your first blog!