Monday, April 18, 2011

Getting Ready

Baby girl, here we come! Twelve days until travel. Well, 11 really, since we're making a stop at Haylee's graduation before heading to Orlando and flying out the next day. Gosh--what am I doing blogging?!

Here's Iain's first family portrait including Baby Sister. That's her, the cute little one floating in the sky. Under her is Cory with the brown hair, and next to him, blonde Iain. And the tall one? Nona. :)
I have a whole extra table set up right now solely for adoption-related paperwork.

Piles of stuff to pack:
And I'm totally stealing this from Laura: the best Fed Ex I've ever sent:


Chase and Laura Bowers said...

UMMMM, Did you sneak into my house and take those pictures? My house looks exactly the same! Piles of paperwork, diapers, bags, and to do list everywhere! See you in 11 days!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the elusive packing shall commence. Lucky duck.

Jessica Leigh said...

Sharing in your joy!!

Christina said...

YIPEE! Excited for you!