Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter, 2011

Well, it wasn't the most meditative Easter we've ever had, but it certainly was one full of meaning and rejoicing. In church I was struck (again) by the cost Jesus paid to adopt us, and by His sheer goodness in saving us, fighting for us, and saying YES to us with this baby girl. During the wait, I found Him to be good and trustworthy, faithful and loving. Now during the rejoicing, I delight all the more in Him, more than I would have without the darkness.

After church, I took the obligatory Easter pictures (see former years here). This will be our last year taking them with only two kids! I stumbled upon a (genius!) scheme for coaxing smiles out of my fellows. They have been very into hearing stories lately, so I sat down on their level, told them to keep looking at the camera, and told them one of their favorites (Iain and Cory have various super-powers. They go to Sonic to get their mama a coke. They spill it on the way home and have to go back for more. Sometimes they spill ice cream too, and lick it up off the ground. Yes, these are the masterpieces I'm talking about. And every time when I finish a Sonic/Super-power story, Cory says, "That's the best story ever, Mama!"). And when they laughed at my wit (heh), I snapped away. Sometimes I had them yell parts of the story back ("Ice cream!!"). It was a relaxing and fun way to take pictures, for all involved. :)

And then we were joined in our back yard for a fun, no-stress (read: KFC) Easter dinner, by family and by friends who count as family. It was a great way to end the Holy Week, and to take a moment to breathe before this week's craziness commences.

Check back later today for pictures of the nursery!!

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