Friday, April 29, 2011

We're in Rwanda!!

So things never go quite as you plan. We can share more details later, but the gist of the story is that we made the decision to come to Rwanda several days early. With help from family and friends, we hopped a plane and now we are, unbelievably, in the Land of a Thousand Hills.

That's the good news.

More good news? We have a name for our baby girl. Her name is Laina (pronounced Lay-nuh). Laina means bright light. Middle name to come.

But the best news? Yesterday we got to meet our daughter for the first time. It was sweet and amazing and Laina is wonderful. I wish we could go into details about that first meeting--sometime I will but for now, I will just tell you that we spent hours holding and loving on her. It was surreal and precious.

(from Laina's orphanage, soon to be her former orphanage)

Pray for Laina's health, and for us as we begin the task of getting all the paperwork in order to bring her home. We are not yet allowed to take her with us, and leaving her is rough. We also cannot post pictures until she is legally ours. Thank you all for your prayers.

We are missing our boys like crazy and loving our girl. Can't wait until all five of us are together again. But for now, we are soaking in Rwanda and every precious second we get to spend with Laina.


Shannon said...

Oh Sweet Laina now has a Mommy and a Daddy who couldn't wait one more minute to hold her, two amazing brothers, a home, a boatload of doting Aunts, a very excited Nona, tons of cousins, oodles of friends who already love, her little life has just changed forever!! God we give you all the glory for this story of redemption and we praise you in advance for a clean bill of health!! =) Hugs new Mama of three!!! =)

Stephen and Kelly said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am to read this post!!!! Laina is so richly blessed to have you as her parents. How sweetly she is loved! I can't wait to meet this beautiful girl and reconnect with my dear friend.

angie said...

so great to hear from you! glad everything is going well!

Mrs said...

Sweet Laina B! Praising God that your Mama and Daddy can hold you in their arms! Praying for your health and trip HOME!

Papa said...

Be sure to tell Laina Grammy and Papa are looking forward to meeting her. We are prayihg for all of you.

Christopher Ryan said...

So, so, so very excited and happy for you all. Prayers are going up for you and for Laina daily from Germany! Looking forward to seeing a new family picture! :D