Friday, April 01, 2011

In Which Cory Becomes a Taxidermist

In the car, Cory was silent for a long time, thinking. Then,
Cory: Mama, how do you get fur?
Me: (thinking he means for a craft) Well, you can get pretend fur at Jo-Ann's. And some animals have fur.
Cory: (silent for a few more minutes) What is the slowest animal with fur?
Me: Umm, a possum?
Cory: Are they really slow?
Me: Well, how about a sloth?
Cory: Are they really slow?
Me: Yes, they are really slow.
Cory: (thinks for a few more minutes) We're gonna need a knife.

A civics lesson, by the boys:
Iain: Mama, this music sounds presidential. (He was right! It did!)
Me: Who is the president?
Cory: Santa Claus!
Me: What is the president's job?
Iain: He talks even more than me. That's his job.
Cory: Yeah, he's a talker.
Me: What does he talk about?
Iain: Things I don't even know.

Cory: Mama, don't call me Cory Daniel.
Me: Why not?
Cory: Because when you call me that name when I'm eating breaf-kast, I feel like I'm eating a light bulb, burning hot.
Me: Oh.

Me: Do you want the blue sunglasses, Cory?
Cory: No. Spear carriers do not wear blue sunglasses.
(Corrin means spear carrier)


Lindy said...

Hahahaha. Those boys certainly do keep it entertaining,!

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

This post is adorable and was so much fun to read. Really like your blog. Glad that I found it!