Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catching Up - November

On to November! 

The famous green shoes: All four of my babies have worn these shoes. Mason's feet are…rather wide. So I wrestled them in a couple of times, but I think their days are done for this kid.

New trick: climbing onto the hearth. Thinks he's hot stuff.

We babysat Jenna's guinea pigs, one of which had four babies on our watch. And yes, we watched. And a good science lesson was had by all.

Mason loves standing at the windows and looking out, and yelling to the imaginary people down below. One night I went outside to get a picture of him from the yard. So cute! And maybe a little creepy?

Family day at the park.

We've been enjoying the fall of the leaves in our front yard.

(note the flip flop flying off his foot)

Footie season. My favorite.

Cory's been doing great on his handwriting practice, so long as he doesn't think of it as practice.

It's been such a great month for adoptions at our church! I got to attend TWO airport homecomings, and another family leaves in a week to get another step closer to their own homecoming with two new kids. I love adoption. It's a beautiful thing how God makes a family.

A new son from Ecuador:

A new daughter from China.

We hosted Thanksgiving at our house this year for the first time. Jeremy's parents (Grammy and Papa) came, as well as his brother and his wife Phil and Kelly, and their dog Sanford. They all arrived on Tuesday, and we spent the (very cold!) days inside playing games, doing bubbles, talking, opening presents (Mason, for his birthday), playing with Sanford, and eating. Phil, Kelly, Jeremy, and I got to double date on Wednesday night, which was fun.

Second Thanksgiving for this little turkey!

Cory running past in a blur.

I know this post has been full of Mason pictures, but come on. If you had this cute face in your house, you'd take a lot of pictures too. :)

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