Thursday, November 28, 2013

Catching Up - October

Oh, dear, neglected blog. I have such good intentions, and then, well, we're so busy doing things that I can't find time to write about them. Thus another catch-up post. And more good intentions to keep up better once I catch up this time. We'll see.

October is one of my favorite months, except for the fact that Jeremy is always really busy with work. We still managed to fit in some family fun before he had to buckle down and work long days.

We went to a Civil War reenactment nearby. I love how these guys are standing so close together waiting for the cannon to fire.

The Hacker family came to visit on their way through Atlanta. Our dossiers shared a fed-ex box on the way to Rwanda (we were number 32 on the "list"), and we travelled together to get our girls. It was such fun to see the girls play together, and to meet the rest of their family!
(Eliana, Laina, Hannah)

Our church's fall festival included a costume contest. The kids went as StarWars characters. Laina won ten dollars, which she thought was awesome.

Look at that attitude! Princess Leia.

 Obi Wan.

And Mason as an Ewok.
 Afterwards, with Cory's hat on.

The kids and I joined the Stephens and Burtons for a fun, cold morning at a farm. Mason wasn't feeling great, but we still had a good time. Sarah took some great pictures.

School is going well this year. We're almost done with our first semester. Cory finished his second math book and is on lesson 60-something of his reading book. Iain has been learning to borrow and carry and is reading SO WELL. Silently. Chapter books. LOVE IT. Laina's...hanging out. Learning letter sounds. Being three. Mason loves playing by himself or with his siblings, so he's easy, when he's not throwing toys in the toilet.

Iain's math page. Cracked me up.

We started reading Narnia at night. We've been looking forward to reading these books with them since they were born, and they are loving them. We're on Prince Caspian now.

And some random goodness:

(watching a movie)

We celebrated our ninth anniversary! The kids gave us some presents:

Happy October!

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