Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mason is ONE!!

Mason is one! How is it even possible that the tiny, six pound baby we met last November is the big, jolly, laughing toddler who lights up our days? We are always, ever thankful for our sweet boy. More on him in the next post. Today: the big birthday!

We always make birthday banners for the birthday kid. Iain decided to fill in the A with m's in honor of the birthday boy.

Aunt Haylee couldn't make it to the party, so she gave Mason his gifts early: a football, a kickball, and a hat. As usual, she nailed the presents and he loved them.

The party theme: M is for Mason. I had taken pictures of Mason with a green wooden M every month since his first.

The guest list: the Whatleys, Nan, Mom, and us. (good thing we kept it small! He was a bit overwhelmed as it was.)

The food: cupcakes. Everyone enjoyed them except the birthday boy.

The game: write as many things as you can that start with M in three minutes. We tied with 43 things for each team.

Mason doesn't like to eat anything but baby food and baby oatmeal (and bottles, of course). He glared suspiciously at his cupcake. Then he scooped off some frosting and handed it to me. He scooped off more, and handed it to Nona. He tried a bit that I put in his mouth, and was not impressed.

(look at that face!!)

We lit a candle in honor of Mason's birth mother.

The Brannon Family traditional Last Day as A Not-One-Year-Old picture:

And on the actual birthday:
Happy Birthday Mason!

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