Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Mason Edition

Sweet Mason. Jeremy calls him the magical baby, because he's so easy (in all areas but sleep!). He is happy, smiley, rarely fussy. He plays by himself or with his siblings. He grins when he meets your eyes, if he knows you. If he doesn't know you, he smiles and hides his face shyly. It's intoxicatingly cute. 

Mason is a constant reminder to our family of the goodness of God.

First picture of all four kids (Mason's on the phone):

 First picture with Daddy and Mama:

Mason through the months (that's the same M in the one month and twelve month pictures. See how much he's grown!)
one month

two months

three months

four months

five months

six months

seven months

eight months

nine months

ten months

eleven months

twelve months!

Then: six-and-a-half pounds tiny!
Now: twenty-four or so pounds huge

Then: loves formula
Now: loves formula, baby food, and baby oatmeal

Then: woke up even two hours or less
Now: wakes up once a night, but for a long time. Likes to clap randomly while Daddy's trying to put him back to sleep.

Mason said his first word in early November: bye! Said to the Shibleys as they left small group. He has six teeth--the top two being very recent additions. This poor boy teethes hard and long. He took two steps a week or so after his first birthday, and has taken one or two here and there since.

Current vocabulary: peek-a-boo (said "ahhhhhhhhhh, ba-ta-da!"), bye, come back (yes, it's so cute. Says it when Jeremy goes downstairs to work. Sometimes I say it too.), zipper (thanks to Grammy this Thanksgiving). 

He does this crazy crawl when he's being silly that involves raising his hands up high and smacking them down as he goes.

He claps. All the time.

He grins and scrunches up his eyes when he's being silly.

He has this awesome, deep belly laugh. I can always get it out of him by doing This Little Piggy.

He is happy, sweet, wonderful, amazing. He is, as Cory says, "a very charming baby." He is a blessing, and we are so thankful for our boy.

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