Thursday, January 10, 2008

Cute Boy

I shouldn't really need to say there's no baby yet, because I'm sure you know you'd be seeing pictures by now if there was an announcement to make. But because I still keep getting asked those wonderful questions despite my sarcastic post of last week, I will put all your minds at ease and say, yes, I am still pregnant, no I haven't had the baby yet, yes, I am now ten days overdue, no I do not have to have a sonogram or anything else for at least a few more days. :)

Now for another topic... (hint, hint)

Iain calls this blanket "Nan" because I told him she made it. He has another blanket he calls "Lala" (as close as he can get to Yaya), and another he calls "Keh" (as close as he can get to Grammy - or as close as he wants to try to get!). Anyway, here he is with "Nan."

Funny Iain story: he tends to get his adjectives mixed up with his nouns. For example, I told him that a particular leaf he had found was big. Now he calls all leaves "bigs." The same with steps: we have one big step and one little step required to get from the house to the driveway. So one is called "big" and the other is called "lil-lal." And the one that always makes me laugh: electrical outlets are "bads." We told him that they were bad to touch, and now if anyone says the word bad in his hearing, he repeats it and starts pointing to all the outlets he can find in the room. So far he hasn't touched them yet, so I guess it sunk in!

More cute pictures:

He looks like a little Carribean drummer here, doesn't he?

And you gotta love the hat!

Iain has entered the Terrible Ones. He gets so frustrated because he wants to communicate and wants his way and can't always do/have either. So he yells and puts his head down on the ground like he's going to do a summersalt. Sometimes he spits, although we've been working to stamp that one out! :) Right now, I told him he couldn't get in the glider, so he's standing there yelling "UUUUUUUPPPPPPPP!!!!!" at the top of his lungs. Wow, that boy can yell! Lest you think I am neglecting my duties, I went over and sat with him in the glider to rock. Well, that wasn't what he wanted. He told me "down." So I put him down. That wasn't it either. He wanted me to get down so he could sit and rock by himself. Now he's playing with the Nan blanket, saying "nanananananan" and rocking by himself. And so go our days. :)


Anonymous said...

Nan's not looking like herself.(I couldn't resist:))

s i d.

Nan said...

Well, the blanket is a step up from the "Nan doll".

Anonymous said...

Haha, those dolls were funny. Aiden still has one in her bedroom. :)
Grace :D

Mrs said...

I am lovin' the "other topic"!

Please write his words down in a book. He will love hearing them when he's older! And you will hopefully continue to use them when he's older, too. My Dad is still called Boppa to this day. :-)

Praying for the topic we're not talking about! I love how your Mom starts her phone conversations with "No baby yet" so we can get right down to business. Made me smile.