Thursday, January 31, 2008

He Sleeps!

If you know anything about Iain, you know he was not the greatest sleeper as a small fry. That was one of our biggest prayer requests the whole time I was pregnant with Cory - that he'd sleep well. And prayers have been answered! Cory is the best sleeper in the history of babies. At least, it seems that way to us after Iain.

For example, within a week of birth, Cory was sleeping a good four-hour stretch at night. Bliss! And last night...drumroll please... almost six hours! And in his own bed! He's amazing, my little sleeper boy. I do have pictures of him awake, but for this post, soak up the sweet sleepy baby.

Three notes: first, Iain is sleeping better than he ever has, too. Hurray! Second, for all the people from Tallahassee who know about THE BED, yes, in the picture of Cory on the green blanket, he is sleeping on it. He's a brave boy! And finally, the pacifier really seems to help him - but contrary to what these pictures show, he sleeps without it sometimes too, especially at night.


Mrs said...

Ohhh, the sweetness. Glenna has a cold, so you won't be seeing us for a while (especially if her cold circulates through the house).

We can't wait to meet him!

annie said...


i have no idea what you're talking about with the green blanket, but i love those green pillows with the leaves and whatnot. great color. i'm painting my sewing room that color, i think.

what a sweet face. i love new baby faces!

Shannon said...

Oh glory! There's nothing better than sweet sleepy baby pictures. Thanks for sharing!!! Iain looks like he's doing well adjusting as a big brother too...yes? Hope to see you and Cory AND Iain soon!
Love, Shae

Mrs said...

Cory. . .Mama NEVER wrote about you sleeping well. Ok? It. Didn't. Happen.