Sunday, September 13, 2009

Okay, Pray-ers

Time to get praying!

Our last home study visit is Tuesday, and we are still lacking two documents. One needs to come in the mail tomorrow, and one I need to be able to pick up tomorrow.

If we don't get these by Tuesday, our home study will be delayed by at least two weeks because our social worker is going on vacation (the nerve!). We want to get it done asap because the next part of the process - sending away for our I-600 approval - could take anywhere from six weeks to three months, and I'm hoping to get it back before things get busy with the holidays.

Anyway, all that to say, will you please pray with us that
1. the FBI document will be in our mailbox tomorrow, and
2. that "ll have great favor tomorrow with the CPS office, and they'll let me pick up my document from them that day?

Thanks everyone. I'll keep you posted.


Chase and Laura Bowers said...

Allie, Praying for you this morning. I know the feeling of being delayed and I don't want you to be!! Laura Bowers , Fellow AWAA Rwanda Adopter, Waiting for the I-171H

Jessica Leigh said...

Joining you guys in prayer!

Haylee said...