Monday, September 21, 2009

The Third Child

No, unfortunately, this post is not about our real third child (oh, how I wish it were!). I'd like to introduce you to the trusty little fellow we affectionately refer to as The Third Child.

Isn't he a beauty?

The Third Child is my right arm, to mix metaphors a bit. He holds and files the mounds of paperwork needed to bring our real third child home. Because of that, he is so important! Hence the name. As in, if my house were on fire, I'd rescue my first and second children first, but then I just might go back for this box.

I know where The Third Child is every second of the day. Right now? On the floor by my desk, where he lives when not in use (which is hardly ever, these days). When we did our second home study meeting, I had to go by myself for the first hour, and Jeremy for the second. When we switched, I left The Third Child in our social worker's office, so Jeremy would have it if he needed it. Oh, it was so hard to leave it behind! When Jeremy came back, the first question out of my mouth was if he had it. (He did.) "I'm surprised you left it for me," he said. It wasn't easy.

Dear, cube-ular, waterproof, faithful friend! The Third Child, please continue to hold the precious paperwork that will one day bring our real third child home to us! I promise, you will always hold a special place in my... office.


Christopher Ryan said...

All that and waterproof too? It sounds like a keeper!

Mrs said...

Trying to think of a name. Baxter? Boxter? Cube-y? Phil (instead of file, or maybe because you FILL it up with papers)?

Adrianne Thompson said...

I LOVE it. this cracks me up. and I only wish I was as organized as you!! or half, really. :) you're doing so well!!!

Alison McLennan said...

Hilarious!! And oh, how I can relate. :) My third child is in the form of an enormous, padded 3-ring binder, but it really is like an extension of my body. Often out of sight but never out of mind!

Jamie said...

Wow- I am beginning to think that my third child is looking pretty messy right now!
I love it. Right now I have a folder and a draw- but I really like your idea.
Can't wait to trade all this paperwork in for the real child!!!