Thursday, September 17, 2009

Party! Party! Party! Party!

Get ready for lots of party pictures!

First, this is from Iain's actual birthday. He got two fun cards in the mail: one from Yaya (Jeremy's grandmother) and one from Nan (my grandmother). Yaya's card contained some money, and when it fell out onto the table, Iain picked it up. I asked him what it was, and he, looking at the president on the bill, said, "It's a man!" Nan's card held lots of pictures of animals wishing Iain a happy birthday. How clever! They'll be decorating the walls of his room pretty soon here.

Okay, party day. We decided to make a happy birthday banner, which was so fun I think it'll become a tradition. The boys "markered" for a long time and got completely covered. Here we are in progress.

We got distracted because Cory was certain he saw a monkey outside the window and was very frustrated that Iain and I couldn't see it. He kept yelling "Mon-tee! Mon-tee! Eeee, eeee, eee!" (That's what a monkey says.) "Outside! Biiiiiiig mon-tee!"

Here's the finished product and the squirrelly boy underneath:

We also blew up lots of balloons and made cookies, per the birthday boy's request. And we had lollipops. More on those later.
We had three families over for a total of 13 people (including us). And we had breakfast for dinner: pancakes, tater tots, eggs, and bacon. And cookies.

This is the table and chairs from Grammy and Papa. They were a hit! (Grammy, I found a different table than the one we had originally looked at; you can push the chairs in under this one, and it could potentially sit more people.)

Here's the party room. And the presents.

Here's Cael, Cory, and Iain sporting their party hats.

Whenever I asked Iain what he wanted to do for his birthday, the answer was always the same: eat lollipops.


(yes, he did help himself to two when I wasn't watching.)

Lollipop (Cael)

Oh lolly-lolly-lolly

Lollipop (Sam)

Oh lolly-lolly-lolly (Kate)

Lollipop! Lollipop!

Here's Iain and his pancake cake. He started the happy birthday song himself, so eager was he to get to blowing out the candles. And yes, he did get them all in one breath. Wish I could post the video for you!

Opening presents:

And a good time was had by all.



Nona said...

Hooray for Birthday Boys, Birthday Parties, and Birthday Pictures!! Thanks for posting all these! Looks like a great celebration :)

Grace said...

Nice choice of cookies there Allie. ;)

annie said...

Allie, I have been meaning to email you or Facebook you or leave a comment here for two weeks!!

On Iain's birthday, Isabel woke up randomly singing Happy Birthday. She sang it aaaaaaalllllll day long. I don't know how it got in her head, but she knew all the words and it was the song of choice for the day. I told her it was her friend Iain's birthday that day and he was celebrating with his family in Georgia. She wanted to celebrate, too, so she made him a cake. I have a picture somewhere. It was very delicious, made from blocks and I think a coaster from our coffee table. :)

So, you can tell Iain his friends here in Florida were celebrating, too. :)

When you get an opportunity (and I know how scarce those are these days), send me an email. And include your address! :)