Monday, September 07, 2009

The Funnies

Cory now says, "Me does" for everything! If I get something out of the pantry that he wants: "Me does!" If I ask him to wash his hands: "Me does!" If Iain is doing something fun: "Me does!" And I've tried getting him to change it to "I do" instead, but he can't seem to remember. So he'll yell "Me does!" and I'll say, "Cory, how are you supposed to say that?" And he'll say, "Ah dew." And then two seconds later I hear, "Me does!"

(the boys, their tractor blankets, their "Nan blankets," and their books. They set this arrangement up themselves and "took a little break" as Iain put it, for a good twenty minutes!)

Yesterday, Iain was singing to Lisa (who came to visit - yay!). Here were the introductions to his songs:
"This is a song from France. It's called 'We Went to the Farm and We Had a Pig With It."
and then:
"When I went to China, I learned this song. It's called, 'We Went to China and Saw a Big Man From the Post Office."

Do you remember the song from Aristocats that goes "Everybody, everybody, everybody wants to be a cat"? I was singing that to the boys the other day (I don't know why), and they started yelling other animals everybody wants to be. Cory sings "Eh-bo-dee, eh-bo-dee, eh-bo-dee..." and then they call out the animal. We heard moose, dog, birdie, and my personal favorite: the pos-soom. Yes, Iain calls possums possooms. Please, nobody correct him; I love it.

(Iain playing with pot holders and showing off his wink)

We're big into making up stories now. Iain always asks for me to tell him stories about Iain, Cory, the dog, the bear, the wella-bird, and the vulture-wella-bird. I have no idea what a wella-bird is, but he and his vultury counterpart make it into every tale we tell!

Oh these boys are so funny.


Mrs said...

We STILL use the words our children used. That's why we need the "tamote" to watch a "moody" and if we have an injury, we put a "bambi" on it. =)

I can NOT believe Iain is creeping up on 3. In fact, I refuse.

Nona said...

Made me laugh out loud! Keep those stories coming... they keep me smiling :)