Monday, September 28, 2009


Pictures from last week, in random order. (Kelsey, Jenna, and baby Isaiah came to visit. The pictures are Kelsey's; it's so nice having a great photographer for a sister!)

Jenna and Cory on what the boys call the "trumpalump."

Iain can jump pretty high for a little guy!

Trying to get a good "three cousins" picture.

This one might be the keeper:

This one is definitely a keeper!

From the second Jenna brought Isaiah in, the boys were enthralled. They talked to him nonstop ("Don't cry, bee-bee, wanna see my toy? Look, it's a duck! See my shirt; it has a flag on it. See it?"), and held him probably more than I did. They're going to be so great with their new baby sister!
Spidey holds the baby:

Iain and Isaiah:

Aunt Kelsey and her nephews:

Iain took this picture. Pretty artsy, eh?

Come back tomorrow - you might win a book!

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Alison McLennan said...

Your boys are SO precious! Great pictures!