Sunday, May 15, 2011

Home Stretch

(This is Kristen - Allie's mom - posting this for her)

We are in Ethiopia, working on getting Laina a visa. Our embassy appointment is later this week. Laina had her medical visit on Saturday, and passed her exam. She's doing well. She has gained almost a pound since we met her, and her motor skills are improving!

We'll try to post another update soon...


Mrs said...

Praising God for her health report! We'll be praying for all of this paperwork to finally let you return to your own continent.

I saw your sweet Iain yesterday. He had these little snaps on the pockets of his shorts and we made a game of me trying to close them. It was so hard not to laugh hysterically when he would stick his little butt toward me and then run away. =D

MotherMotherOcean said...

Come home soon!

jessie said...

I read some of your old posts today about the boys' "isms" and birthdays. Can't wait to read about your daughter's personality and celebrations!

Praying for safe travels!