Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mother's Day and Prayer Requests

(Make sure you scroll down to the post under this one...PICTURES, finally!! It only let me load two, but I am NOT complaining!)

We had a great day today. Laina was with us from 6:30-5pm, and although she was fussier than usual, we still got some great smiles out of her. We went to church this morning, a great service, although we missed most of the music, unfortunately. Laina slept all morning until we got to church and then was awake through the whole service (and wiggly!), and then right at the moment they said the last "amen" she fell asleep. Thanks a lot, girlie.

This afternoon we went shopping, which was fun. Bartering is very stressful, in my opinion. But there are a lot of cool things to look at and we did buy a few. Laina did great, especially when we bought her a cute little African doll which she loves. :)

Please pray for her with feeding. She's still not taking a bottle well at all, and not eating enough. The formula we have doesn't sit well with her stomach either. We know it's a matter of her adjusting from the food she got in the orphanage to the new stuff, but she's not comfortable, and she's having a rough time.

Tomorrow we have two important things on our to-do list. We are praying to get our travel letter, which will allow us to keep Laina Kate all the time and not have to take her back to the orphanage...ever! So you can pray with us for that, too.

And finally, pray for us and the boys. They are, I think, doing better than I am with this separation. Not fun at all. I miss my fellows.

Funny that four years ago on Mother's Day I found out that I was pregnant with Cory, and on this Mother's Day we decided on a name for our third born. It's a pretty good holiday for me. :)

We love and miss you all!


Erin said...

Kate. I like it. Happy mothers day Allie. I can't wait to meet your little girl.

Jenna said...

I cannot wait to meet that sweet baby girl. I love her name! It is totally perfect! :) Can't wait to see you all. Soak in all the Rwandan-ness that you can while you're there. Happy Mother's Day! We love the pictures too! Love you guys!

Sarah Stephens said...

Beautiful name!! Prayers are with you! Love!!

Shannon said...

Don't forget to try and get some pictures of the three of you together in her birth country!

She doesn't understand how to was she receiving the bottle before? Praying for her to learn quickly!!

Love, Shae