Sunday, May 01, 2011

Rwanda, Day Four

Today, we got to spend a lot of time with Laina--about four hours. She is still as sweet as ever. We got a few more grins today, and a lot of snuggles. We've learned more about her today. She can't sit up by herself, but she's close. She is very curious and tactile; she loves to touch, hold, fiddle with, scratch, and examine everything she can reach. Jeremy's glasses and my necklace are the favorites, but she has also played with our hands, her dress, her rattle, a book, the snaps on my shirt--really, anything.

She has huge eyes and she stares right at our faces a lot. She also has a kind of silly smirk she wears when something is mildly entertaining but doesn't deserve her full grin. (Oh, but that grin is worth the work!) She is one intense little girl!

It seems like sleep is one of her coping mechanisms. She has fallen asleep almost every time we've seen her. On our second visit today, she fell asleep about half an hour in and stayed that way until we left.

I think we'll need to help Laina control her levels of stimulation until she learns how to cope. That will mean a lot of time for her in the baby carrier, sheltered from too much noise and change. But I don't mind. I've been waiting to use that baby carrier for a long time. :)

Rwanda is beautiful. It has rained the past two afternoons, which makes it crisp and cool. I'm loving the storm clouds and the mountains and trees. I wish we could have the boys here to see it all. I sure miss them.

Tomorrow we start on paperwork. Please pray that our whole group will get through it all fast and easily. We want those babies home!

Well, I meant to post pictures, and to tell you about Jeremy's dining adventure, but it will have to wait. Pictures aren't loading very well, and we're tired! Goodnight all.


Anonymous said...

I am so happy for you all.

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

So happy that you are finally starting to get to know your girl!

I'll be praying!

Amy said...

So excited for your family!! Can't wait to meet Laina :)

Amy, Phil, Tariku, & Sophie Weinmeister