Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Homeward Bound!

This is Kristen, Allie's mom:

Allie, Jeremy, and Laina Kate are at the airport in Ethiopia, waiting to begin their journey home! They will arrive in Atlanta tomorrow (Thurs). We can't wait!!!

Please join us in praying for safe travel and good health.

Praising God for bringing Laina home to us at last!


Mrs said...

So wonderful! Praise Him! Will pray for safe journey!

Shannon said...

Can you take someone along to photograph so you can enjoy the moment?!

Phyllis said...

Praise the Lord! Isn't this a day or two earlier than the original plan?

jessie said...

I keep glancing at the clock! I think you're about ready to land! I know you can't wait to have your whole family together at last!

Jeremy said...

Thanks everyone--yes, Phyllis, it was actually two days early, which is wonderful since we had to go over six days early!! GLAD TO BE HOME!!!!!