Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rwanda, Day Six

It was a good day today! A slow day, which was nice. We didn't have paperwork to complete, so we got to see Laina twice. She was much more animated than she has been, so I think she's feeling healthier and more comfortable around us. We got a tour of the orphanage and let me just say that those sisters are amazing. I have nothing but respect for them. And let me also say that if you ever have thought about adopting, please do it. Those children need families, and they want families. Especially the older ones who know what they're missing. They ask about it. Breaks my heart.

The best moment of my day was on our second visit, when the nuns said we could go into the baby room to get our children. I walked over to Laina's crib and leaned over the side. She was lying on her back, and when she saw me, she smiled! And then she started kicking her feet. Melt! The hardest part was leaving her there yet again.

And that brings me to our prayer request for the night. Tomorrow morning at the crack of early, we have court. Pray that we pass! Then we'll be one step closer to keeping her with us forever. Please also pray for my health (been feeling a bit sick), and for our friends who are struggling through some issues with their adoption.

Tomorrow is another day, another step closer to bringing Laina home and all of us being together at last.


Phyllis said...

Praying for you right now, at 4:00 am. That's early, right? :-)

Katie said...

Been a follower of your blog for a while now. Praying that you would pass court and that the Lord would guide all the details to bring your girlie home.