Thursday, February 04, 2010

Fortune Cookies and Stuff

How to make Valentine's Day Fortune Cookies:

The boys have been asking to "do a craft!" for a few days now.  I got this idea from Courtney's blog, and we modified it a bit because I wanted to use what we had on hand.  Also, she made 14 for each child, so they can open one a day until Valentine's Day - which is a great idea!  I think we'll try to do it next year.  But today, we just made a few.  On with the show!

First, we cut circles out of felt.  We didn't have any Valentine's Day colors, or fortune cookie colors, but hey, they're boys; they don't mind.  In fact, Cory picked brown and Iain picked green,

Then hot glue a piece of wire down the middle.  We used pipe cleaners, and actually, the yellow-on-yellow was nice - it hid the wire.  But I let the boys pick their colors for the brown and green, so they were a bit more... colorful.

Then you add a note and fold it up.  So cute!

Alas, when I started to fold up they boys' cookies, they started yelling, "No!  We want pancakes!"  So their cookies remained pancakes (with wire glued down the middle), and they ran off happily to play in their pretend kitchen.  I suppose I could have saved myself a few steps and just cut out felt circles for them.  Ah well.  That's why I think we'll wait until next year to do them every day. 

I love it when Iain falls asleep during his break time.  He's adorable nestled in his bed among his books and buddies.

Cory: Here Iain (gives him some Thomas the Train clothes)
Iain: He gave me Thomas!  What a lovely fellow!

Cory's Vernacular:
Milk = Mlek
Blanket = Bankley
Gumdrops = Gum Bops (both boys use this one, although Iain seems to think gumdrops and gum bops are two different things.  He'll ask when he sees them at the store if they are gumdrops or gum bops.  I always tell him they're gum bops. :)

Me: Night-night, Iain.  I love you.
Iain: Amen.

Iain: I call this cat (points to stuffed cat) "The Finest Cat I Ever Met."

Iain: (Looking at a boy whose veins were visible through his pale skin) Why does he have cracks on his head?  It looks like a dinosaur is trying to come out of his head.

We played with the bubble machine that Iain (I think?) got for his birthday a year ago.  They boys loved it.  They were covered in soap and freezing when they finally came inside.  The bubbles blew all through the yard, and Jeremy, whose office is in the front of the house, saw they drifting past his window, so he came around back to see the frivolity. 

(It's really hard to take a picture of boys and bubbles!)


Anonymous said...

Very cute idea. I love it. I like how your kid sleeps. Our kids would love each other- similar style.

Courtney said...

i like the pipe cleaners better...and they probably stick better! all our florist wire is falling off...

Jessica Leigh said...

I love this, and your fortune cookies (and pancakes!) are so cute!

Ma said...

Love the boys conversations and the photos.