Friday, February 12, 2010

Lacy Branches Out My Window

My favorite thing about the Rock House is the tree branches that are level with the dining room and foyer windows.  My favorite line from my favorite book, A Severe Mercy, is Sheldon VanAuken's definition of beauty: 

bare branches against the night sky.  

But I have to say that bare branches covered in snow are every bit as lovely.


agable said...


Raquel said...

I love those too :)

Christopher Ryan said...

I agree!

God and Ponytails said...

Hi Alli- I am so excited we connected- we are DTR in a couple weeks- so not far behind you! I can't wait to connect as we move along this journey together- what are you expecting the wait time at the ministry in Rwanda to be? What age are you requesting?
I will read on in your blog and you might say- let's do keep in touch!

Our Journey to Africa said...

Thanks for the comment Alli! It is such a blessing to be sharing this journey with so many other wonderful people!!!