Monday, February 22, 2010

Update on Nothing Much

This is how we roll lately.  Jeremy is working a lot.  I'm working some.  We're not seeing each other near as much as we'd like to.  We're ready for a vacation.  The boys are full of nonsense and funnies.  They've just (within the past few days) started playing really well together.  I really love listening to them talk to each other; their conversations are hilarious!

Iain: I don't like sour cream.
Cory: Do you like ketchup, Iain?
Iain: Yes, I like ketchup.
Cory: Do you like Arby's sauce, Iain?
Iain: Yes, I like Arby's sauce.  I like the white sauce, too.
Cory: No me like the white sauce.
And on it goes.  They talk all the time, to me, to each other, or to themselves.

We went to free pretzel day on Saturday.  Yum.  We love pretzels.

Sometimes when it's quiet, it's actually a good thing.  But you should always check, just to be sure...

Today, the boys and I spent most of the day working on the bedrooms.  Cory will be moving in with Iain this spring, in anticipation of the baby getting his room.  They have bunkbeds (thanks to Uncle Larry and Aunt Lisa!), but we won't be bunking them for a while yet.  Iain still falls out of his bed. :)  So it'll be tight for a few years.  I set up a system of shelves and boxes in the closet to take the place of a dresser, and I'm trying to figure out where the toys should go.  I love Ikea's kid bedrooms, by the way.

Iain has been really into his wooden train set.  He made a huge track and it's currently living in the living room/dining room, completely in the walkway but completely worth it for how happy it makes him.

Today he did the alphabet puzzle again while I rocked Cory to sleep for his nap.  When I came out, carrying a sleeping Cory to his bed, the boxes and toys from the hallway (from the room-sorting; see above) were stacked very neatly in Cory's doorway.  Apparently they were in Iain's way.  Iain meanwhile had finished his puzzle and was in his room, reading in his bed, with his music on, "doing his break."  What a responsible lad.

Cory has, within the past few weeks, made the turn from mama's boy to daddy's boy.  According to Dr. Dobson's book Bringing Up Boys this is about the right time for it, and it's a crucial time in Cory's development.  Good thing he has such a wonderful dad teaching him how to be a man.

On the adoption front, there is nothing much happening.  We've been DTR for almost a month, and it's been hard waiting without really knowing if we're having much forward motion.  We're still hoping to travel in the summer or fall (really hoping for summer!).  I cannot wait.  And that is an understatement.

Iain, telling stories: Once upon a time, there was a big, big, mean, fat elephant.  And the mean fat elephant was in our yard.  And he krumped and krumped for his baby.  But he wasn't the age for one.  Then he wanted to fly in the air for one.  Then he set off with his wings, then he set off with a fly.  Then he looked and looked for a baby.  Then the sudden, he saw a little bird, and that's what he got - a little bird for a baby.  And that's the story of the big elephant trying to get a baby.

Once upon a time, there was a big big drumset.  And someone played on his drumset and all these snares worked.  So he played a band.  Then he jumped on the band with his drums.  Then he played the guitar and someone else played his drums.  And then they all played guitars.  And then they all had their favorite guitars and they played along with the piano players and the drum players.  End of the story.

Tonight I made chocolate pudding and told the boys they could have some after they helped me clean up the house.  I have never seen them clean so fast.  Cory grew a chocolate mustache.

Iain got up four or five times the other night.  When I went to put Cory down for his nap the next day, I told Iain to wait until the timer went off before he played with his legos (he wasn't being kind, and the timer was only set for five minutes).  Apparently, he couldn't stay awake that long.

And that's how I feel too, by about now.

End of the story.


agable said...

Your boys have such cute expressions! I love it!

Alison McLennan said...

Such a sweet glimpse of real life. These moments are so precious when I read about them from someone else. I need to learn to appreciate them in my own world! :) Thanks for the adorable update.

Anonymous said...

super cute kids. I love the funny things they say

Mrs said...

So looking forward to seeing you! Have I said thank you a million times, yet?

Christopher Ryan said...

I love it! I'm so glad that the boys are becoming friends - that's got to be such a cool thing to see happening!

We should have a free pretzel day here in Germany! (You can get some really good pretzels here!) I'll tell you what, you guys come visit, and not only will that vacation deficiency be taken care of, but we'll make it free pretzel day every day you're here!!!