Sunday, February 28, 2010


(A conversation between Iain and Jeremy while they played the boys' favorite game Wrestle and Chase.  Get a load of this "talking smack.")

Iain: You are diced tomatoes!
Jeremy: Yeah, well you are a can of peas!
Iain: You are a bit of cauliflower!
Jeremy: You are a rutabaga!
(and the kicker)
Iain: Daddy, you are a variety of vegetables!

Iain: Mama, I would like to get the moon for you.
Me: That's sweet, Iain.
Iain: And I would decorate it for you.  With pink snickercheese.
Me: What is snickercheese?
Iain: It's a kind of cheese. (Obviously!)

Me: We're going to the park.  Are you excited?
Iain: Yes, and also surprised.


agable said...

So fun :-)

Christopher Ryan said...

Oh, I love it! What a cute little guy!

Mrs said...

Thanks for the belly laugh!