Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Valentine Weekend Snow

The Rock House, our own Winter Wonderland

On Friday, February 12 the snow started.  It fell steadily through the day and into the night.  To those of you who got massive drifts up to your eyebrows, this may seem paltry.  For Atlanta, it was an awful lot of snow.  For us former-Floridians, it was an insane amount of snow to see in our own yard!  

I took the boys out in it on Friday.  Jeremy joined us for a snowball fight, and then had to go back to work.  Cory pretty much just ate handfuls of snow the whole time.

look at Iain's face in this one!

But the boys and I stayed out in the glorious snow for a long time, until poor little Cory said, "I'm fweezin'!"  and we had to go in.  Wet, cold, and tired.

I showed Iain how to make snow angels:

Cory loved jumping on the snow-covered trampoline:

Of course, we made the requisite snow man.  By this time, Cory was anxious to go in, so we made him a quick, small fellow.  One little lump of him is all the snow left in our yard today.

Saturday, the air was warmer but the snow remained.  

Jeremy took the boys outside while I finished up a project.  What I really did was spy on them from the window.

When I finally made it outside, it was just in time to capture some more snow angels:

And some pretty views:

Here's some video of Friday's fun.  Enjoy!



Christina said...

too cute! Loved the videos!

Raquel said...

that first pic of your house is GORGEOUS! It was crazy the first day we woke up and found snow outside our HOUSE too! :) Oh we Floridians... :)

Alison McLennan said...

Looks like fun! LOVE your house. When can I come visit? :)

Anonymous said...

Snow is fun for a day.

Nona said...

That's a beautiful picture of your house! And joyous pictures of the boys. Such fun!

Christopher Ryan said...

Love the house picture - it really does look like a winter wonderland! Glad you guys are getting to have some fun with the snow but not having to deal with it for extended periods of time - best of both worlds! Give the boys hugs and kisses for us and tell Jeremy hello!

Ma said...