Friday, February 17, 2012


I'm joining Gypsy Mama today for five minutes of unedited writing bliss...or something like that. Today's topic: delight.

It's delight I see on his face when his daddy tells him yes, I will play outside with you.

It's delight in her eyes when he tickles her and repeats her favorite phrase, "go, go GOP!" after her a hundred times.

It's delight when he plays drums with them, pillow fights, wrestles. It's delight in the Saturday morning Looney Tunes, and the banana bread he makes with them. Who wants to do the dry ingredients this time? Who wants to mash the bananas?

It's delight on his daddy's face when he reads his new words. It's delight in his daddy's eyes when he goes down to the study to show him the picture he made. It's delight on his face when hers lights up at the sight of him.

My children delight in their father, and he delights in them. I am blessed. They remind me daily of the delight my Father sings over me, and of the delight I feel when I run to Him at the end of a long day. At home in delight.



Manju Sara Jacob said...

A wonderful reminder of the way how He grants us the desires of our heart

Papa said...
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Papa said...

It's a delight when the Father sees His children delighting in one another, and a greater delight when they also delight in Him. Thanks for all you do and for keeping us in the loop.