Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Zoo Day!

Last Saturday, Jeremy was working and it was one of those days. So I did what anybody would do: a spontaneous zoo trip. Chris and Liz and Penny joined us (so glad they could!). We hadn't been to the zoo since this:And now we're this:

It was a beautiful day and the zoo was really not that crowded for a Saturday. We all had a blast, especially Laina. She dominated the petting zoo. No fear at all, for a little girl who was smaller than the goats. The boys took their grooming jobs very seriously.

(looking at the meerkats)

(I love this picture! Thanks Liz!)

(Liz and Laina--picture by Cory)

(Cory--picture by Laina!)
I love these kids!


Papa said...
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Papa said...

That Cory is quite a photographer. Laina is too, for her age.