Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Iain's Eye View

It's always entertaining when the curtains lift a bit and I can see some of how my kiddos interpret the world. What they think, how they think, what they see, it's always just a bit different than I see. Case in point: they have this movie they really like: Scamper. There's this one tiny line that I would never even notice. It's said by a character who isn't even really in the main story, and it's said during a part with some action. The boys ask me why they say on the movie: "In estass-a-lous gagoose." What?!? They want to know what it means. Um, I have no idea. But the boys remember the phrase and say it all the time. Last time they watched Scamper, I told them to tell me when that part comes on. I had to rewind it to get to the exact moment when a sailor says, "Tie down the loose cargos!"

Enjoy for a moment seeing the world through Iain's eyes and camera lens. All of these pictures he took in our backyard. Comments, of course, by the artist.

(That one, I was trying to take me smaller, but I just couldn't.)

(I thought it was nice to have three grown-ups on the same table. Allie's note: Mom posted this one on FB, and it's getting a ton of comments. Everyone likes this one!)

(I like that because you see the bushes and you see in the far distance, you see the table with the grown-ups that we typed about earlier.)

(This one I took because I like trees and I like fences.)

(I took it by aiming the lens up at another house. Allie's note: he took this one through the fence at the neighbor's house. A future in PI work?)

(I thought it was nice in case we move away, just to know what our house looked like, in case I forget.)

(I think it's fun to look at rocks that are a little bit chipped off. I took it because I like seeing rocks. Isaiah was there because I just tried to take a picture of only the rocks, but I couldn't because Isaiah was in the picture. But I still like it.)

(This one I took because I like looking at balls. And I like to see them snapped in a grassy place, because I like the look of grass, and the colors.)

(This one I took because I love Laina and her silliness.)

(This one I like because it has swampy water and it has rocks, and I like rocks. In case we move away, I would still know what it was like to look at that pond. Allie's note: we're not moving. Not sure where all this talk is coming from!)

(This one I took because I like seeing things from up close.)

(I took this one because I like bottoms of trees, and I don't get to see many. I was thinking that it's good to see it because you --meaning Allie-- like that tree! But we don't like it because it prickles us. Soon it will become a grown-up pine tree, and it's little pokey things will be too up-high for us to reach anymore.)

(I was thinking that it would be a good thing, just Laina and Mom.)

(This one I thought, "Hmm, Isaiah's a very good guy to take pictures of.")

(This one I was thinking it would be cool to take a picture of the inside of bushes, so that grown-ups could know what it's like to be inside bushes. It's all branchy and twiggy, and you can get poked by the twigs.)

(I think it's cool to see pebbles of tiny dust that has been chunked.)

(I like to see blue sky and trees.)

(I saw Isaiah smiling, and I think it's good for a smile picture.)

(I like sand in the sandbox.)

(I thought it was nice to have that tree because I like it. It's very a good tree to look at, and it's a good tree for knocking leaves down, and I like it for knocking leaves down.)

(I took it because I like letters, and Vs are a fun letter to take, and it's trees that make the Vs!)

(This one I took because it's interesting to look at, isn't it?)

(I took that one because it's fun to take a picture of babies together.)

(I like Laina the silliness baby, and she was smiling!)

(That one, I tried to take it small, but I took it big. I wanted to take a picture of myself, 'cause it's funny.)


agable said...

I love this. Good job, Iain!

Nona said...

Excellent camera work, Iain! You and Aunt Kelsey are going to have fun taking pictures together when she gets back. Love you!

Papa said...

Iain, I like your pictures.

Shannon said...

Good job Iain. I like seeing the world the way you see it. The world is a very interesting place, isn't it? =)