Monday, February 06, 2012

The Laina Update

It's official. She's not a baby anymore. She's a full-blown toddler now, into everything, zany and hilarious. Nine months ago, she couldn't sit up. Now she can't sit still.
She talks non-stop. She repeats everything we say, and while I know it's not possible for her to have a Rwandan accent (since she wasn't talking when she came home), she does say "b'ways" for boys and "buh'toon" for button. (I have no idea if you'll be able to get the sounds I'm trying to type out there. Oh well.)

She climbs on everything and has no fear. She loves walking on tippy-toes, which is absolutely adorable. She tries so hard to jump but never gets off the ground.

She loves girly clothes but will not keep headbands on or bows in her hair. She carries around her baby (a gift from Uncle Phil and Aunt Kelly) and calls her Anna. She doesn't eat any baby food anymore (yay!) but still takes three bottles at night and one right before nap time. And yes, she's still getting up at least twice a night. Sigh.
She knows where ears, eyes, hair, mouth, and nose are, and says the words as she touches them. Yesterday she surprised me by showing me her knees when I asked her. She is an incredibly picky eater, although we're not letting her get away with it. Mealtimes are loud and long.

She has a quick, bright smile. She makes a happy face and sad face on command. She calls Nona "Wo-wa" and sometimes "Wo-wo-wa" although she knows how to make N sounds. She calls herself "Naina." She loves to call out the names of her family members over and over like a little chant or song. "G-ory! Een! Mama! Dada! Naina!" Cory's name is her favorite.
She loves playing "Bon-ko!" or Bronco, with her daddy. Sometimes she tackles her brothers to the ground just for fun. She's a tough cookie.

When she has a cold, it goes straight to her chest and she has a horrible cough that makes me cringe (from her pneumonia in Rwanda?). She cries the biggest crocodile tears you've ever seen (even the nurses at the pediatrician commented on them!).
She loves her cousins and her brothers. Loves them. As well as her buddies Ben and Hannah.
From left: Penny, Addie, Iain, Laina, Cory, and Isaiah.
This may be the ONLY picture we have of the "greats" with no tears present! (at Cory's birthday party)

She gives great hugs and pats your back while she does it. And she gives kisses. She is incredibly cheerful, friendly, and outgoing, but (thankfully) well attached to her parents. She still hangs with me all the time, unless she is with Jeremy. We just recently left her with Jenna for the first time, and with Nona twice. Other then that, she's my sidekick.
She loves reading books, especially Dr. Seuss's Alphabet Book, which she calls "A-B!" She knows most of it by heart.
She's precious, funny, a total ham, dramatic, and beautiful! She's almost nineteen months old, and busy all the time. She is our sweet girl.


Papa said...

I like to think that "our" includes Grammy and Papa.

Lindy said...

Oh, I love this post! And that little girl! :) Hopefully we'll see y'all this week. (and I'm SURE it's the first Great photo where no one is crying! Ha)

Rutledge 7 said...

so sweet!